Flying Attitude STabilised ExpeRiment

A platform to decrease the costs of testing space technology in parabolic flights

Arnau Busom Vidal & Minka Suomela

LuleƄ University of Technology

Parabolic flights

Used to test space technology

  • Easy access to microgravity
  • Possibility to test many times in one campaign
  • Access to the experiment during the campaign

Photo: ESA

In big planes

  • Good microgravity conditions
  • Expensive, time consuming, slow iteration process

In single engine planes

  • Worse microgravity conditions
  • Shorter microgravity phase
  • Cheap and easy to plan



  • Testing is a needed step for space technology
  • Parabolic flights are one of the best platforms to test in microgravity
  • Currently parabolic flight campaigns are expensive and time consuming

The platform

  • Improve microgravity conditions in single engine planes
  • Make parabolic flights more accessible to all parties developing spaces technology

How does it work

  • ADCS is provided by an IMU and three reaction wheels
  • The system is fully autonomous during flight
  • The structure is 3D printed to facilitate manufacturing, reduce cost and make the platform easily adaptable to different payloads


Present - 2021

  • Prototype under development
  • First flight campaign scheduled for 2021

Near Future - 2022

  • Adapting the platform for multiple payloads
  • Available for student projects and local companies

Long term

  • Continuity as a project or startup
  • Open design to be used around the world


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